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Hello & Welcome

halito/ yá'át'ééh

native owned, indigenous vitality.

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Plant Medicine Oils

Eczema? Psoriasis? Dry Skin? Aging Skin? Sensitive Skin? All of the above?

Our natural and herbal curated oils are carefully formulated to help real dermatitis.

Your skin deserves a solution.


Get the glow you need to bloom this summer.

Many products forever stay; and many products are only seasonal or limited time only. 



Herbal Native Company is Native American owned and operated from the Navajo Nation and Choctaw Nation NDN's. We strive to provide holistic, alternative herbal remedies and educate the community about the First Peoples medicine. We work together with non profit organizations, tribal communities, and medical practices. Each herbal remedy was created with a purpose, to reflect and fulfill the inner teachings and traditions used with a particular plant for healing. Herbal Native Co. is proud of its heritage with mindfulness of its responsibility and commitment to preserve our Native American culture and source our harvested plants from trusted sources.

We are honored to serve you, and invite you to experience a form of healing through the mind, body & spirit.


join the plant love.

Get first dibs on new formulas and herbal education from the heart. 

Plus, receive 10% off your first order!

Thanks for submitting kin!


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