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our vision.

We hope to re-educate the ongoing lost education of the first pharmaceuticals. You can count on us to have the highest quality alternative health products available online and in select stores! We envision our Indigenous tribal communities thriving in the knowledge of holistic health and successful employment to carry each generation forward with health and wealth. We trust that Our Creator has provided the first medicines upon the earth and should be used for good. Our vision inhibits the share of traditional backgrounds of all Native American tribal members, tribal leaders, dancers, singers, medicine men and women; an entirety of the Native community, to come together and share healing to avoid the loss of our traditions. 

meet the herbalist.

Halito, Yá’át’ééh shik’éí dóó shidine’é shí éí Tanya James-Montaño yíníshyé’. Tó’dích’íinii nishłį́ , Choctaw dóó bilagáana éí bashishchiin, Honágháanii ’éí dashicheii, bilagáana ‘éí dashinálí. Ákót’éego Diné dóó Choctaw asdzáán nishłį́ . Mą’ii Tééh Yítłizhí naashá. Hózhó Nahasdlii ✨Ahéhee’! 


   “My name is Tanya James-Montaño. I am from the Bitter Water people, born for the Choctaw and white man. My maternal grandfather is One-Walks-Around clan and my paternal grandfather is a white man. I am from Coyote Canyon (Brimhall Nizhóní), NM. In this way, I am a Navajo & Choctaw woman. In Beauty May I Walk. Thank you." 


 My grandpa was a Navajo Medicine Man who had much gratitude using what Our Creator offered to help others through various healing ceremonies. I remember running around the hogan hearing my foot steps on the hard, peaceful Rez ground as visitors would drive up for ceremonies. I hope to create hope for my people just as my grandparents did. My family grew up very traditional in the Navajo ways; that I still carry forward in my everyday modern lifestyle.


I chose to study more of these beautiful plants offered on this earth entangling with my Native background. I am a 2x certified clinical herbalist trying to provide alternative products for the public in hopes it can reach many stores nationwide to end a fraction of generational poverty. 


Medicine first began as herbs from my Native American people and I believe if we use the spirit of plant medicine and what was taught through our ancestral kin; our healing intentions will be heightened.  Our Creator has offered the highest vibration for the spirit of plant medicine to be one in conjunction with modern medicine.    


May you have a path or journey toward beauty, harmony, protection, blessedness, wellbeing and goodness.

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