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Meet the Medicine: Calendula

Latin Name: Calendula officinalis

Herb Class/Action: Healthy Inflammatory Response Support, Alterative, Astringent, Microbial and Fungal Balance, Emollient, Cholagogue, Diaphoretic

Parts Used: Entire flowerheads, leaves

Flavors: Bitter, slightly sweet, slightly salty, pungent

Energetics: Warming, neutral

Benefits: skin health support, gut health support, lymphatic system support, liver support, digestive support, immune support, women’s health support

This gentle, and beautiful herb started the adventures of Herbal Native Co. With its background to help heal the gut to skin, it is no wonder this soothing flower endures beauty. It is used to apply topically in supporting an inflammatory response to dermatitis and can be consumed internally as well.

Although, the petals carry power it is important to use the whole flower. The petals can be made into salves, creams, oils, eaten in soups and salads to infusions of teas or tinctures. It can help encourage benefits to work on the inward-out.

When it is used externally, it provides the skin a soothing glow of healing.The Calendula flower itself is entirely rich and abundant in antioxidants (including lutein, beta-carotene, and rutin) and other nutrients that can help support a healthy local inflammatory response, as well as maintain bacterial and any fungal balance, and supports fading away long term scarring.

Internally, Calendula has a variety of suggested uses. It is a gentle lymphatic remedy to help support and maintain the natural flow within our lymph nodes and beyond. It will encourage a healthy detoxification with its liver-supporting “natural alternative” properties. Calendula can also help support the respiratory system by supporting the mucus balance. It will also help the gut lining, lubricate and support the digestive tract.


by Herbal Native Co.

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