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Calms sore, achy joints and muscles in an ultimate way!


  • The Ultimate Pain Cream that has sooo many herbs and natural essentials that benefit the body! It provides a calming sensation for sore, achy joints and muscles. The magnesium, tumeric and rosemary penetrate the skin working from the outside in to provide immediate relief. Then the menthol kicks in, providing a soothing and cooling sensation.

    Whether you are starting a new workout regimen, suffering from an autoimmune disease causing extreme pain to your body this pain cream is like nothing you have ever tried before. 

    Apply as needed to muscles to children and adults. Does not NEED to be refrigerated, but CAN BE for a more intense cooling sensation. 

    Warning: Do not put on after bathing and then blow dry your hair- you will suddenly turn into a real life iscicle; due to the chemical reaction of the indgredients and heat. 




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